We at Blenditup ensure that none of our food items are genetically modified in any way. We believe that natural is good for the health of people.


100% Organic

Blenditup ensures that all food items are free from any artificial procedure. We guarantee that our products are picked fresh from the farm and are organic.

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Free Shipping Over $50

Blenditup offers free shipping to its valued customers over purchase of $50.

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Made in USA

Blenditup products are a proud origin of the USA and are manufactured in Utah using state of the art facilities.

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    A healthy life leads to a healthy mind and body that is why people prefer eating only the farm grown healthy food. Most of us might not prefer all natural food but do you know what are the benefits of consuming all natural foods can be? Starting a day with a smoothie that contains nothing but organic fruits or vegetables can boost the body with energy and all kind of good stuff. Vitamins, proteins and minerals is what the body […]
  • Personal Vitamix s30 | Blenditup Blending Principles

    We wanted to show you guys the new personal Vitamix s30. This is perfect for when you only need to make a personal smoothie. So often you end up making a smoothie and you end up with too many servings. You’re going to load this Vitamix differently than your usual large sized blender. In fact you’re going to load it completely backwards, and that’s because when you add the blades you’re going to flip the cup over and lock it […]
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    Today’s Meatless Monday is brought to your by quinoa. Quinoa is huge right now. It’s an ancient grain and one of the healthiest things that you can put into your body. Now add that to some veggies, and you’ve got yourself a golden ticket! So that’s what we’ve done. We found this awesome recipe from Tori Avey and with a few tweaks to make it a true Blenditup recipe we’ve come out with the following. Give this Meatless Monday recipe a […]
  • Quick and Easy Southwest Spice Tortilla Soup | Blenditup Blending Principles

    Our Tortilla Soup is what started Blenditup.  So we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. You’ll notice that Rod start adding ingredients without explaining what they are doing. Don’t worry, they are following the recipe that’s on the back of the Southwest Spice Blend. We often hear that people struggle to make their mixes at home taste like the demos. We throw everything in very quickly during demos, it looks like we are just tossing whatever in, […]